Multidisciplinary Neurosurgical Approach to Treating Cerebrovascular Disorders


For patients with aneurysms and other cerebrovascular malformations, the neurointerventional and neurosurgical teams at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center offer a full spectrum of treatment options including advances in endovascular therapy and a variety of dramatic advances achieved in non-invasive endovascular neurosurgeries. For select patients, the neurosurgery team also has taken lost arts like brain bypass -- also known as extracranial to intracranial (EC-IC) bypass – and leveraged new technology such as fluorescent videoangiography to make brain bypass easier and safer.

Nicholas Bambakidis, MD, Director of the UH Neurological Institute, and fellow neurosurgeon Yin Hu, MD, discuss UH Cleveland Medical Center’s multidisciplinary approach to treating these cerebrovascular disorders.

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