UH Seidman Cancer Center to Open Proton Therapy Center

December 27, 2012

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In September 2013, UH Seidman Cancer Center broke ground on a $30 million Proton Therapy Center, becoming one of an elite group of cancer centers in the country to offer this revolutionary technology, and the first in Ohio.

Opening in June 2016, the Proton Therapy Center will be housed in an 11,000-square-foot facility on the UH Case Medical Center campus. The technology will be used primarily for pediatric cancer patients as well as patients with certain brain and spine malignancies. 

Proton therapy is an advanced type of radiation treatment that uses a powerful beam of protons to precisely target a tumor and at the same time reduce  radiation to uninvolved tissues. Traditional radiation therapy uses photon beams, which are highly effective for a broad variety of cancers. However, in some cases, proton beams offer enhanced abilities to deliver radiation doses while selectively sparing healthy tissue. 

Most notably the use of protons is beneficial for the treatment of some cancers in children and young adults, who are more prone to short- and long-term complications from radiation. 

Proton Therapy Center

Proton therapy also offers new hope for treatment of tumors that are difficult to reach or are in areas that are prone to radiation damage. For example, traditional radiation of tumors deep within the brain or at the lower part of the brain around the base of the skull may damage optic nerves and other neural tracts that are particularly sensitive to radiation, something that can be avoided or sharply limited with the use of a proton beam. 

Ongoing research is addressing the issues of whether it is best to use proton therapy alone or in combination with conventional radiation therapy and which types of cancers are best suited to treatment with this modality. The Proton Therapy Center will enable researchers at UH Seidman cancer center to participate in these kinds of research endeavors, including planned clinical trials of its use in certain tumors of the lung and prostate. 

To contact the Onco-Cardiology Program at University Hospitals Case Medical Center call 216-844-3800.

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