Identifying Therapies for Hyperglycemia-Induced Abnormalities

December 20, 2015

Clinical & Molecular Endocrinology – January 2016 - View Full PDF

Timothy Kern, PhD

Professor and Director of the Center for Diabetes Research; Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Research led by Timothy Kern, PhD, focuses on identifying how hyperglycemia causes retinopathy so that new, improved treatment may be devised to inhibit the loss of vision in people with diabetes.

Two hyperglycemia-induced abnormalities of retinal metabolism presently are being investigated in Dr. Kern’s lab at the School of Medicine: nonenzymatic attachment of hexose to proteins, lipids and nucleotides and activation of protein kinase C activity. Therapies that correct these metabolic abnormalities are being investigated to determine the relationship of retinal dysmetabolism to tissue function and the development of retinopathy and other forms of microvascular disease.

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All National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding for basic and clinical research is awarded to the School of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University.

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