Life in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio

Cleveland has all the amenities you expect of a big city. It has one of the world’s finest orchestras and art museums, major league sports teams and a massive MetroParks system with miles of hiking and biking trails. But the city has the feel of a small town. People here are welcoming to newcomers and convey typical Midwestern hospitality.

Cleveland’s history is a rich one. In the past 20 years, the city has often been named an “All America” city. It includes landmarks such as the storied Terminal Tower, the world-famous West Side Market, Severance Hall (the Art Deco home to the Cleveland Orchestra), and Playhouse Square, the biggest cluster of professional theaters outside New York –  a place where tours of the hottest Broadway shows are sure to stop.

The cost of living in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio generally is shockingly moderate, with beautiful homes and apartments that cost a fraction of what they would in Chicago or other larger cities. The traffic can be heavy on the freeways during rush hour, but Cleveland’s rush hours are something that residents of Washington DC, Chicago, New York or Los Angeles would envy.

Also, you don’t have to drive far to get to excellent museums, theaters or quaint neighborhoods like Little Italy or Ohio City. Driving for 20 to 30 minutes can get you almost anywhere in Northeast Ohio, including to the stadiums and arenas that feature MLB’s Cleveland Indians, the NFL’s Cleveland Browns and the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers (and LeBron James).

Then there is the dining scene. Cleveland’s most famous chef is Michael Symon, whom you might have seen on “The Chew.” But his restaurants are just some of many that create Cleveland’s thriving and nationally regarded food and restaurant scene. When it comes to shopping, well-known stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and Dillard’s are here, as are myriad boutiques and malls.

One of Cleveland’s biggest stories in the past five years has been the movement by many people – young, but not just young people – to downtown. Historic office buildings by the dozen have been turned into gorgeous apartment houses to meet this need. Cleveland’s downtown has drawn more residents in that past five years than in the past 50. Downtown’s East 4th entertainment district is just one reason why.

For those who don’t prefer city living, Cleveland and Northeast Ohio are home to many lovely suburbs, such as Shaker Heights, Lakewood, Rocky River and Chagrin Falls.

Whatever your taste, you are sure to find something to match it in this reinvigorated city that many point to as a highlight of a Midwestern Renaissance.

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