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Brain Health & Memory Center

Brain Tumor & Neuro-Oncology Center

Community Neurology Center

Comprehensive Stroke Center

Epilepsy Center

Functional & Restorative Neurology

Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center

Music and Medicine Center

Neurocritical Care Center

Neurological & Behavioral Outcomes Center

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Spinal Neurosurgery Center


Adult Neurosurgery Referrals

To refer an adult patient, please call 216-844-2724.

24/7 Transfers and Urgent Consultations

For quick, efficient transfers and 24/7 consultation with attending physicians, please call the UH Transfer Referral Center at 216-844-1111 or 1-800-421-9199.

Physician Advice Line

For free advice from our nationally renowned neurosurgery specialists, please call 216-844-1001.

Immediate Access Available

UH Neurological Institute offers triage services and same-day/ next-day availability for patients with urgent needs. When you call 216-844-2724 to refer a patient, please identify the level of urgency so that we can best accommodate you and your patient.

Same-Day EMG Services

To schedule a same-day EMG, please call 216-844-1923.

Urgent Access or Concerns with Neurology and Neurosurgery Access

8 a.m. – 5 p.m. M – F

Tracy Grushcow Office: 216-844-3418

Patient Access Supervisor Page: 32393 Cell: 216-225-5407

All Other Times for Neurosurgery Access

Warren Selman, MD Office: 216-844-5745

Chairman Page: 35047 Cell: 216-308-3035

Nicholas Bambakidis, MD Office: 216-844-8758

Vice Chair Clinical Affairs Page: 37758 Cell: 216-339-4061